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Penguins Shine at European Chess Championships

The 2019 European Youth Chess Championship is under way in Bratislava, Slovakia. Desert Penguins Chess Club is very proud to have Saahil and Anika representing ENGLAND at such a prestigious event.

After 5 games played, Anika has 1.5 points in the Girls Under 14 years old category. She has been fighting in every match. Anika drew one of her games after four and a half hour marathon against the Italian Kamilla Rubinshtein (1799)

The biggest surprise comes from our veteran Penguin Saahil, who started the tournament 147th (out of 159 players) in Boys Under 14 years old category.

After 5 games, Saahil has 50% or 2.5 points and an incredible FIDE Elo performance of 1917 (386 more points then his actual ranking, 1531 ELO).

Saahil`s 1917 FIDE performance is the highest in the entire England squad taking in account all age groups.

We are following our players' games and wish them the best of luck for the rest of the tournament.

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