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Junior Tennis Programme Spring 2022

We are delighted to announce that our after-school and weekend classes will be resuming from February, hopefully dodging the inclement weather. We thoroughly look forward to welcoming all your lovely smiling faces back to the courts.

Junior Coaching Programme Timetable

Monday 4-5pm: Mini-tots 5-6pm: Mini-reds 6-7pm: U12

Tuesday 4-5pm: Mini-tots 4-5pm: Mini-reds 5-6pm: Mini-orange 5-6pm: Mini-green

Wednesday 4-5pm: Mini-reds 5-6pm: Mini-orange 6-7pm: U14

Saturday 9-10am: Mini-tots 9-10am: Mini-reds 1-2pm: U18

Sunday 9-10am: Mini-tots 10-11am: Mini-reds 11-12am: Mini-orange 3-4pm: Junior Squad Go to the website to book your course.

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