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Desert Penguins Chess Club 4NCL Promotion

We are extremely happy to share fantastic news from our chess coach, International Chess Master, Augustin Madan.

Last weekend the last 3 Rounds of 4NCL, or Four Nations Chess League took place in Telford. 4NCL is a chess league named after four constituent nations: England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland.


Matches are spread over a season, normally five weekends, usually from November to May each year.


Desert Penguins Chess Club was established in 2015. Since then many great players have been baked at Desert Penguins chess bakery. This year Desert Penguins finally has assembled a full team. What makes Desert Penguins unique is that the entire team has been built from zero to the current level by Augustin Madan aka Master PiNGU. 


During the long May weekend the last 3 games of the season took place: 9th, 10th and 11th Rounds.


Desert Penguins team in board order:


1 Master PiNGU 

2 Rohan

3 Balahari 

4 Maxime 

5 Yiwen

6 Yicheng


Desert Penguins won all 3 matches and finished the season in 3rd place with 18 points (9 wins and 2 losses). This sensational team performance secured us promotion. Standings could be found here


Next season Desert Penguins will play in Division 3 (Division 1 being the highest in UK; teams are composed 90% of IM's and GM's) 


Congratulations to all the Penguins who helped the team: Mikhail, Saahil, Stakhey, Theo, Alex, Aahan.

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