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4th Place at World Chess Championships

Last weekend Desert Penguins chess club went to Minsk, Belarus for the FIDE World Cadets Chess Championships.

We were represented by 6 Penguins:

Rahman Yad, Harb Laith, Royce Alexander took part in Under 8 years old category and Longia-Zaida Ismail, Macleod Andrew, Tengayev Arman took part in Under 10 years old category.

The event proved to be one of the hardest and most competitive of all times with 166 children (most of whom came from Russia) in Under 8 years old section and 222 children in Under 10 years old section.

Desert Penguins' best performance was achieved by NEW SUPER STAR of English Chess Yad Rahman who finished tie for 4th place out of 166 children with 7 wins out of 9 games. This phenomenal result is the best performance achieved by an English player in Under 8 years old category at any World Championships for last 12 years.

With such a great performance from all 6 boys, we can proudly declare Desert Penguins THE STRONGEST JUNIOR CHESS CLUB in United Kingdom.

Desert Penguins Summer Chess Camp will be held 23 - 27 July at Barnes Sports Club. The invitation form can be downloaded here.

You can download the Membership Form for Autumn Term 2018 here.

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