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Desert Penguins Success at Gigafinals

After weeks of countrywide battles for Golden Tickets to TERAFINALS - the ultimate stage of Delancey UK School Chess Challenge - we are pleased to announce great success that our Penguins had in these competitions.

Congratulations to Anika who won U13 girls Southern Gigafinal. Congratulations to Ismail who came Tie for 1st place at U11 boys Midlands Gigafinal. Both Anika and Ismail qualified for TERAFINAL, the last stage of the world's largest chess competition.

Congratulations to Yad who came Tie for 2nd place at U9 boys Southern Gigafinal and to Bruno who came Tie for 2nd place at U7 boys London Gigafinal.

We wish best of luck to Yad, Bruno, Saahil, Laith, Andrew, James, Andy, Devansh and Antony, in the upcoming "Challengers" where they will have chance to qualify for TERAFINAL.

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